The Making Of Tauhua XD


Since today I dun have to go college as I alredi went the class yday, I decided to do "tauhua"aka agar agar la hahah

First, you need
1 litre jug(to measure)
one can carnation milk
agar- agar in powder form
few pandan leaves( rumah saya ada haha)
two can of longan
one packet of sugar

Firstly put pandan leaves n 4500ml water with one can of carnation milk
after pour out the carnation milk, u can put some water into the can, then shake it, put the water into the pot
Wait it to boil

In the process of boiling
Agar agar pwoder

this sendok is used to cedok soup XD

after boil, the powder need to add water until become like this
Then while u put this thing into the boiled water, u have to stir it fast to prevent it become pekat fast

Wait it boil again
Then put 4 cedok of sugar
Wait it boil another time
The faster put into container or watever
Done done~!! whee =D
lastly, if u put into small container, wait it abit keras oni put longan plus the sgar water
This time i use big plate, so i tear the longan into pieces n put into it

Easy kan?Try it haha

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