My Darlingsssss ♥


Introduce to you my darling today
hahah his name is Shawn, or u can call him baby Shawn
He is cute and adorable
LOL *againnnnnnn*

look at his eyes, so big~!!

he is too active, hard to capture his photo LOL

guai guai let me capture =)

finally the nice one
Another darling
this darling is younger ABIT
ahaha his name is Yong Khye XD

got ppl say his face bulat bulat XD

i like this one ♥

he heard "Superman" nia he smile d LOL
                                                        this lil fella like "angugu" one hahaha
Both of them, eyes also so big, so cute summore
hahahah chubbee nia XD
love themmmmm muaxxxxxx~!!! ♥

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Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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