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Yday went "cheng beng" with my family...
ntg much jz reli dun like those ducksss n chickensss n vegiessss left
they disgusts me lolx dun blame me
when come to food i m quite choosy haha

Ting Khang acting monkey lol
Woei Song smiling to da camera =)
Part of my familiessss

Zi lian-ing lol

TODAY~~~My First Cooking~~~~~ XD
yday my couz n i plannes to cook
haha then today he went to bought those ingredients as i went to pray~~
until two smtg we started to prepare
first of all we clean de squid
awww is so disgusting with da darkie thingxx hahaa
haha then i clean da chicken drumstick where woei shenq peeled of da lotus'skin
i m sorry dear drumstick it nw bcum so mashed because i chopped it.. *opsssss*
then i also "membogelkan" da little onion haha paiseh har duno cal wan in eng
n then we start to stim da potato n lotus
after prepared this n tht
we start to fry our squid
HMM~~~ smells nt bad.... taste... i duno lol
after tht we deep fry da lotus + potato + chicken with some bread crunch
busy busy busy til 5 smtg oni we done da two little dishes hahaa =D dun laugh la my first time wat *paiseh nia* LOL

Our "Kam Heong Squid"
seems like too much curry leaf XD

Da so called fried nugget XD cute ler da smileys

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