New Year Post


Yea finnally settled down to blog

buy stl haha i wan to go out d
so simply la cincai la
first of all sorry somebody i have to ppk her cz of my shyness 
haha paiseh lo
new year eve
steamboat at home
first day
went temple bai bai d steamboat at home d went grandma hse 
second day 
after coffee bean bfast d went grandma hse steamboat again
went gp shopped for a while
i bought two anklet one bracelet =D
third day
went up penang hill barbeque n bungalow stay with family
had fun thr =)
fourth day
went down frm penang hill with cable car
then sit rapid around the island =.= 
haha so tired
went couz hse steamboat AGAIN haha
fifth day
yday went movie with bie n jw n her bf =)
the wedding game nt bad =D
of cz we enjoyed in the car hahaha
sixth day 
today morning went bfast d follow my aunt n couz for hair-do
i cut my fringe wash n blow
straighter d haha damn satisfy
couz did rebonding n aunt did treatment
then went gp for lunch
manhattan fish market =)
i m going out for dinner soon
gosh i really fat ki this cny
cry si i wan ON DIET D!!!!
sorry oni-word post
haha i lazy upload pics
mayb later hahahahahah AGAIN

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