A Date With Her


I guess it has been months time for our last meeting
Since both of us stay north n south in Penang
It is hard for us to meet
however 事在人为
Because I said I wan return smtg to her bf, because I said I wan give her bday present
Because I said I miss her
so she drove from Bayan Baru to meet me
so touching
N I nvr thought tht I will got present too
We chatted n gossiped
There is always not enough time for girls when we meet
I treated her 600cc, since she so uu sim purposely "qiao" time to meet me HAHA
Anyways times flies, I still miss the time during secondary, where we have endless topics, endless jokes, n the most important we meet everyday
There is somebody who stucked in KMK
*ahem* pls come out from jail soon kay
It has been alredy ages for three of us to meet
LOL I lazy liao, for hers, pls click here >>>> Here
Chia Huai, yeah i love the present, so meaningful hehe =)

I m fatter, but I m fairer XD
She summore wrote touching words, so sweet of her =)
Can put more photos, eh miss yy, when i would have urs? haha
This is the photo frame she gave

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