Baby Boy


I got two couz@biao ge
One is my gugu's son n another one is my mother's bro's son LOL
Both of them graduate from HEHS
so ngam hor? *ahem* aka botak sch haha
Gugu's son married at last year July while another one was in November last year
Both of their wive's already pregnant ummmx
Both also my 表嫂la haha
I want say eh main point is both of their babies also is male eh (got kukubird eh XD)
so so so ngam right LOL 
but anyways i prefer baby girl more than baby boy lo
cz i can 扮靓靓with them ma XD
anyhow wish to see them soon lo =)
One wil be borned in June and another one in August
c u soon two lil baby boysss XD
n tht time gonna upgrade and become aunty d sobxxxxx HAHAHA

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