Thx Guys U Made My Day =)


I was very down last two days
due to something =)
then after my OHR test, my classmates invited me for movie
We went Goodall for dinner, there we met a colour wolf
AIYERRRR he kept starring four of us =.=
CHEEEEHHHH after tht we went GP
decided wat to watch, bought the tickets then we go walk walk
then we zho siao in fitting room XD
walk in walk out the washroom for some reasons =.=
then go into Padini for drooling haha
then Finally movie time
We watched Confessions Of A Shopaholic
quite funny though
with popcorns ... awwww so Sweet n envy tht heroin XD
after tht we went redbox to meet ppl, met Y.Hane, she so geng , sang for 6 hours!!!!
after tht home =)
outside my hse, we talked secret, kinda interesting =D
then sms with bie until 1am oni slp LOL
Yday I really had a great day
I m anticipating Tmr =)

We pakat wear the singlet in FOS i m fat =(
i m so fat man :( but i love this =)

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