I m Sick @ Big Day LOL


Today is my big day, n yet i m sick
wahahha last year also lidat la
I used to it d  =.=
Btw i got my results, a lil bit not satisfy with it, cz my CGPA wil drop
but nvm la i wil work harder this sem =)
ermmm i wil update blog soon la
LOL tonite going gathering with frens
lalalalla so syok XD


Yday was an enjoyable day
after my principle of finance class(god i hate it)
I get myself prepared( It was raining cats n dogs but plan is stl continue running XD)
We headed to GP... Wait... We? Who? LOL forget to mention
Ee Hung the driver, Shan the assistant LOL n me the bday girl, Hoay Fen n YingYing
After we found parking lot, we met with Zhi Ling the sampat one LOL
We collected our tickets >> LOVE MATTERS
then we went to makan
at first they wanted to go Swensen but too bad we are out of budget =(
We went to foodcourt n had our dinner
There I met Swee Kee my classmate
then we went into the cinema
Again SK was sitted at the same row at us, how ngam *claps*
The movie is funny though, but maybe I was so sick, I feel okok niaa LOL
Afgter movie, we went secret receipe as EH said she want to treat me cakes
We choose White chocolate one n another one is Apple Crumble cheese
They summore say bday song to me together with the workers there, ouch so touching =D
After chit -chatitng for awhile , since tmr is a schooling day , all decided to go home
The driver Ee Hung keep played with her sms
So I suggested her y not u let me drive n u can continue sms?
LOL she really stopped her car by the roadside
n the conclusion is >> OF CZ I DRIVE HOME LA hahahahaha


A very Thank You to all who wish me through sms
thx to yy purposely call me late in nite =)
n bie bie sing to me
n everyone wish me in msn n forum =)
n my coursemates n classmates =]
last but no least is to thank my primary sch frens which we have been jnowing each other for 12 years
Thanks again n friendship forever!!
LOL surprisngly one present n three angpaus this year
BTW i was really happy =)
thx for PAPA's treat, even this is the normal meal, but it meant alot to me
n MUMMY's red-coloured eggs hehe

the white chocolate cake 
the apple crumble cheese
group pic
n AGAIN (ABIT  dark)
taken by 33 the pro haha

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  1. ;D heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee v looooooooooveee yoooooooouuuuu


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