Enjoyable Day


Last few days me n my classmates planned to hang out after lecture
Since today is so free after 11, we decided go redbox =)
After lecture, we 8 ppls with two cars went to eat chicken rice 
hahah economical ma
after that we headed GP
since it was still free cz our booking time was 2pm
we hang around cinema, met with st with kh =]
they even too wu liao until went into watson's LOL
b4 tht yee hane met with us
so a gang of us 9 ppls, very 大阵仗hahahhaa
since so wu liao, somebody suggested we go into parkson's fitting room to take pics
hahah then we kesi kesi took two clothes inside the fitting room n "try"
haha zho siao inside
so long after tht, we went out one by one
the salesgirls was counting us one by one lo
so maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu la =.=
ok finish zho siao n sia suey =.=
we went to redbox n request whether they have rooms 
yay how lucky were us
they offered we sang from 1pm-  4pm wakakaka so syok la!!!
=D sang n sang until no voice
n b4 tht i alredi coughing badly =.=
then home 
so tired loooooooooooooo

group pic in redbox

nine ppls in the fitting room =D
lesbian number one
lesbian number two LOL

in the redbox's washroom... oiii where i looked? =.=


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2 Hearts

  1. darling darling darling!
    happy belated birthday!!!
    i hope i did wish u~~ if i din mistaken.. a day before ur bday~~ =.=

    miss u a~~
    been so busy whole week

    anyway i am back to single life. lol


  2. darling sorry a din noticed u got reply
    hehe thx alot o
    yalo u so busy until i din c u on9 or update
    hurr wat happened?


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