Ice Cream Fever


Weird title
Weird feelings
A lot of question marks hurr?
Yeahh I admit I am a weirdo
like to eat ice cream
this is not weird
the main point is I like to eat ice cream during a raining night
and before that
someone promised to treat me BR ice cream =)
dont forget what u promised hurr =p
of course I still will give him a treat =p
Ice kacang with ice cream, which cost less than RM 3 per bowl
nahhhh I did my part too ma =p
To someone you kno who you are:
Take good care of your back,
although I din say, in fact I care=)

p/s: aiyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr since when I become so rou ma? XD
p/p/s: another pointless post.. lame...

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