A Weekend Before Midterm Test


I should be "guai guai" stay at home study for my Management Accounting test tommorrow
But guess where did I go today?
You are not long-sighted, I meant I went to catch cacing at BM
I am sure you are wondering what cacing is that LOL
Is those cacing in my nose
I have been having nose allergic since dunoo when
Then my aunt's boss recommended me to go and "blow" those cacing out
At first I dont believe until I experienced it myself
The "singse" use some herb to make up smoke so I can smell it and "forced" those cacing out
The smoke doesnt smell nice anyway of course
The finally I can see those "cacing" came out from my mouth @@
sound disgusting
Have to consume medicine to control it
Before that we went to eat the 黑白人Rojak which is famous in BM
Then we went to QB
So dont like shopping during weekends...
so many people zzzz
We went to MR BAOZ to eat those bao
creative yet taste nice =)
Then I am HOME to blog now
I have to start study d orelse I will feel guilty
Later night wanna go eat FRIED ICE-CREAM made by my sister-in-law =)
all day food...
I should on diet d~!!!!

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