10 Months


It has been 10 months we together...
quarrel n of cz nt less the sweetness when together with u
i kno i eally kno 10 months itsnt long
but i hope i can b with u til the end
stl rmb wat u say?
u wont leave me until the day i leave u
i wil alsways rmb tht =)
i m waiting for u
i wil always wait for u to come bac to my arms
hope u like the present i give u
although its oni a lil present
baby, u kno i really hope u wil b the one to accompany me til the end?
thx to b my first love n i m glad to b urs too =)
whisper to my dearest: i love u

i just love this pic =)i shall be holding this hand til the end.....

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Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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