Another sweet day


After sch he came n tot wan to fetch me
bt scare my mum come then find bo me
so we wait n wait
haha perli lai perli ki thr haha quite fun
then at last tak boleh tahan
ask him fetch me bac derr
then saw my mum at home
duh u
then after eat n bath he came n fetch me to nite market sumwhere near heng ee
as it was stl early we was just hanging around
bought sugar cane hehe so nice
then bought fried chicken to share hehe
we just hang around n bought ntg lo
as i m the "cindrella" so hav to go home early
haihx then after baby bought me satay
we went home d lor
jz sit thr n watched olymic opening ceremony
b4 slp kacau bie n we perli again XD

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