Half surprise XD n .... secret waakakakxx


He came bac last fri!!!
der i shud hav knew it
he is acting so weird whole day until i didnt realise it
until my couz told me he was bac i oni asked him =.=
suppose he shud b bac on tuesday as he got PTPTN thing to sign
i tot i can onli c him on weds
he decided to bac n fri
n then mon sit bus bac to MMU
then tues noon bac again!!
how sweet he could b LOL
then yday he fetched me to col
then after class he fetched me again
then went prangin for his commision
after tht we headed greenlane mcd to fetch his bro n he got me an Olympic cup =) thx bie
n then
ummxx after this is SECRET kekex
today planned to go library with him but din open >.<

bie thx for everything yesterday n today =)

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