Last day of sweetness


After i woke up called baby
he said wan go bfast with me...
n his fren too Tong Min...
okie dokie =)
we went gurney drive to meet up with TM
then we headed to Mr Pot ( suggested by me ^^V)
i ate tuna sandwich lo (der everyday eat bread d gok eat hahahah)
then we chatted thr...
after dopped TM at GP, baby dropped me at col
he summore accompany me to go inside thr hehehe
after class bie came n fetched me again
he dropped me home, bathed n get ready everything we went to gurney plaza
it had been such a long time since we last time went thr
walked around n went for our lunch at "taiwan fei wei qing"
like the design of tht shop
COOL! hehe
before eat summore vain vain vain LOL
after eat went walk walk lu
asked baby to buy one shirt for future presentations
quite cheap o oni rm39
hehe we vain sumore XD
n kissed sumore wakakakaxx
after he bought tht i went to "shoe point"
tot want to buy another pair of wa wa shoe but too bad dun hav my size =(
nvm lu stl gt another branch =)
before went to island plaza bie bie went one stop
after tht we went island plaza
finally bought my lovely shoes!!
but eventually i m broke too =(
then we went home d lo
before go we gou gou shou.. dun forget wat u promised bie
n of cz our goodbye kiss

gonna miss u again n again
but as i promised i wil concentrate on my final n so do u
after one month ++ we wil meet again n hang out like this week again
cz o me, u spent alot, n ur time, mostly with me
thx... really
again, i wan to say thx hubby... iloveu

outside the restaurant

curi snap ppl mia =.=
the inner design

again=.= gao giak
duck's tongue hehe
our sesame chicken rice.. quite nice
the shang hai soup pau... okok nia
my cute bie XD
the kitchen
vain-ing in fitting room while trying XD finally he bought tht

my lovely shoes ^^

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