Great Meeting With YY and Naima =D


me and YY the sweet girl =D

me and naima.. good listener and good "talk-er" LOL

Yeahhhhh yesterday met up with missy YY first
amboi ah girl u are still so sweet la wei
walked around, talked alot then took pics in the washroom like those other girls did
end up we stood there and talked while waiting for ms naima
Oh I nearly cant recognise naima
went to 台湾风味情 and have lunch
chit-chatted and fooling around and of course picha time
YY left first and then continue kap with my naima
Felt really happy meeting with those "old friends"
esp we can talk 心事with them ^^
gonna miss both of you now ah girlsssss
we will meet up more often right? keke =D

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Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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