Crispy Nori Rolls


Again n again
i Think i love cooking XD
provided thr is ingredients well prepared for me HAHAHA
today's dish errr counted medium easy? haha cz its SUCCESS haha

lolx paiseh la de nori i bought nt much so some is wantan haha

chiang chiang golden colour so nice
chubbee lerx jz like me XD na who had jz eaten thier dinner dun vomit wakakakax
opss this was tht day mother's day mia

my aunt bought pizza, then me n couz cooked spagehtti with red n white sauce then PIE TEA
then er jelly then sumore gt cakesss haha so FULL man

coming up more tmr!!! haha wait for me support me XD

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Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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