My Kissing Style


What's Your Kissing Style?

Result: Romantic Kisser

Beware of your kiss -- it's been known to make people fall in love.

To you, kisses are the finest expression of love. (And you love being in love.) You think that the best kisses happen when the feelings are strong and the love vibes are pumping at maximum speed. That doesn't mean you're a traditional kisser, though -- you love to mix it up with creative kisses and keep things interesting. Kissing is an art, and when you get going you're like Picasso.


28% (150,335) other teens are also Romantic Kisser
759,907 people have taken this quiz.
Most people who take this quiz get this result: Romantic Kisser, just like you.

What's Your Kissing Style?
My Result: Romantic Kisser
What's Your Kissing Style?
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Are you a romantic kisser, a naughty kisser or what? A good quiz to take if you're gonna play Spin the Bottle.

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wan to kno real or nt? ask my hubby HAHA

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