Yday went hiking with my couz them
we departed around 7.45 with Rapid 101 XD
we went to monkey beach- a part of national park penang
about after one hour we reached the USM research centre
i went b4 once with Michael Choong- my f3 geography teacher
after walk n walk n walk for hours we finally reached the beach
the path so adventurous and we were all sweating profusely
those guys went to play water while i jz walked along da beach
after tht we hired a speed boat n went home
so tired yet so fun
i miss yday
a memorable day
hope we'll have that chance again nxt time

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  1. the 1st pic nice ^^ .. omg, i never know that there's a ntioanl park penang [ 18years in pg d ]=_=


Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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