Ta-Da Princess's cookings come again XD


Nah i did wat as i promise
LOL actually jz very simple dishes ler
n i hav more thn one helper XD nt bad huh?
dun expect i cook again....
cz i m BROKE sobx
y i broke? i'll tel u later
let u try my dish first ahahaxx

the thai "dang hun" i m so sap bai... I cant find bac the taste whr yy's mum cooked for us last time in NS

not my hands of cz... i wont do such thingx XD
the "muachi" haha its glutinous rice balls with nuts
my bro's masterpiece.. trying to b professional kononnya
luckily i stopped him if nt my memory wil full lolx

sui ler LOLafter peperangan?!

Ques: Why i m broke?

Ans: This siao po went to dye her hair just nw XD

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Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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