I Cooked Again!!! XD


Yday I COOKED AGAIN!!! lolx XD
actually no la assist mum onli LOL paiseh har ppl
i wan to cook
buy u kno la my skills
oni qualified to b an assistant oni :(
nvm mummy i wil LEARN LEARN LEARN
[hubby i sure wil cook for u de nxt time HAHA u listen first har]
ummx here are some pics
forget to intro da dish
------------ THAI TAUHU
comments: 1. not bad
2.taste no enuf
3.no comment =.=
aiya watever la its oni my first try ITS LIDAT EH LAAAA wat u expect? wakakaka

Steam tauhu
Preapared to b fried
The tauhu and da kuah p/s da tauhu looks ehemx XD

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Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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