Primary Sch Fren's Gathering


That day went gathering with my primary sch frensss: Ee Hung (the driver XD), Hoay Fen (tht siao po XD) lol and shan (the lenglui)
We headed to new world park
It was raining heavily
When we reached thr,thr was cz quite empty
Mayb cz of raining and it was monday
We walk and walk without knowing whr to go
Finally we decided to go B N S Zone
We chit chatting and played poker thr......
Around 11.30pm home sweet home

actually like flowing water lidat kinda nice but i catch bo lolx
jz like da lighning thr

the place we sit and chit chat and play pokers hehe

my strawberry mist
hoay fen's lady in dress nice lehx haha

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