Bie is back!!


my noti bie is bac!!
but oni for two days larx :( zzzzz
actually was sleeping last nite at 8 smtg
i was too tired cz gt class since 9 to 7 =.=
busy until no time do revision =.=
he gave me sweets hoping me to sleep well
but after tht i could nt sleep anymore
then i msg with him
feeling myself nt well like wanna fever
summore quarrel with him over small matters
i m so immature =(
n today he hints me then then i knew he alredi bac since yday
u see how noti is him
but i got big surprise hahahaha
afta class went to meet him without my mum's notice shhhhh
then we went our secret place
as usual huggies n kissies XD
he also gave me my prezie but i forgo to give him his =.=
our nxt date shall be his sem break d at august
sobx two months cant see him
just nw also see one hour oni haihx

but thx for da surprise baby
muax love u

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