Lonely Life


My frens
some of them are suffering from homesick
i stay in my hse
so i dun hav this
but i think my life, is going to b a lonely life
my classmates going to chg class
left me all alone when go tutorials lecturals
while those doesnt chg, they seem cant mix well with me, neither me...
lovely frens leave me here
dearest hubby too
wat shud i do???
mayb or perhaps
i wil become miss lonely in TARC
cz i seems cant mix well with those fashion gals then talked alot
wat i wan is frens tht could help each other in studies...
izit so hard to find???
i dont know...

feeling like crying recently

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3 Hearts

  1. waii...got so cham or not ar..
    miss lonely pulak...T_T

    wish tat i won't change claz lor..
    then i can accompany u again..
    n u no nit to mix with those fesyen galz edii....XD

  2. wei. cheer up ler yee fun.. me also in college so lonely.. got friends but i dunno how to communicate in mandarin.. cant talk much with them.. kek simler... but i also like that nia... u will get use to it and find more freinds soon =)...

  3. haha ok lo trying to get more frens now =)

    u chg la mikael u so pity


    thx shu yee dun worry i'll be ok real soo =)


Thanks for the pretties comments ♥

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