Yday went dinner with my couz n her bf from new zealand
We went home style restaurant near my house thr
he quite handsome BUT abit old d XD shud say mature haha
so sorry cant have his pic here nxt time lo
he wil going bac NZ tmr ^^
so full lo we ate XD all along 22 ppls XD scary rite haha
total we ate RM469 wakakax thx Brother John! =)
here are some dishes

zhen jiang " bai kut " so nice XD
homemade tauhu with brinjal n black pepper

bittergourd fried egg. the eggs was so smooth n NICE Itchiban!!!!
My fav hehe "oh gui tao" with "gang hu kia{" and black soya sauce
Fish head with yam.. the fish expensive lo
Fried kailan
summore got one soup which is my fav also
guss wat? pig stomach soup wakakakaka but my mum them cook one better
cz theirs too much pepper hehe

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