Missing Him Badly


Yday went for bie bie's farewell party
he came to fetch me n song at 6then we went 1stop
at first those guys wan to play pool
but tht shop was full of smoke so we went off
we headed to cosmic n wait for lx
at last they decided to play pool at cosmic
while i just sit beside quietly n watched him play
after tht we went to Matsuki Teppanyaki for dinner whr hubby alredi booked room at first
thr we chatted n eat
but the situation was quite " cold" at tht time cz gals all r so quiet include me
after eat at first wan to go b n s zone
but this " cinderella" have to go bac earlier so we cancel it
when we passed by baskin robin at pulau tikus we saw crowded ppl
i suggested we goo another branch at prima tanjung to eat
i wan to treat hubby n song eat BUT BUT when we was thr ppl stl so many thr
so i SAVE KI LAI wakakakx
then my personal driver fetch us home hehe

for hubby:

sorry for scratch ur hand til bleed
just like wat u said no kisses no huggies but u got my love mark XD
missing u badly really
our nxt kiss nxt hug nxt date
wil b in no time
u r leaving real fast n da time we had together was so lil T.T
looking forward for our nxt date
rmb wat u've promised
so many ppl b my witness n u cant runaway frm me!! wakakaxx
so miss so miss ur warm hug frm back T.T

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