Since dunno when
I have become more girlish
wear dress, wear heels, leave long hair, pinned and tied up my hair etc
ahahahaha I bet you will be shocked when you see me wearing dress now compare with last time boy-cut hair with baggy pants
yet I like this new change
perhaps for future there will be more changes?
well today's main point is that I realise I like thse few girlish thingy XD
as for last time-old-boyish me
I will never do my "research" on these things
but as time grow old, I changed...
Taste also changed
I like butterfly, ribbons, stars...
Which I feel that I am more girlish
I spent my time few hours to find my handphone's themes related thise things I have mentioned
and when I changed it as the theme
thats the great satisfaction I had
pure and simple girl? wakakakakak mayb
I also like to buy tops or blouse or shoes or hair pins with ribbons
Nothing much
Just feel they are so nice
I like butterfly.. I hope I can own one butterfly neclace.. Too bad I dont have one
Hint hint: present for next year birthday? XD JOKE =D
Stars reminded me on the starry nights I have been experinced during my National Service
That was the most beautiful sky I have witnessed since I was first borned
One word can describe- Awesome~!!! =)
Well I am just boring and find something to talk about myself
Nothing much and apologies if you feel me lame again xD

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