Mini Gathering


I have done all my mid-term tests and submitted all assigments
all meaning that final exam is just around the corner
well I stll dont have the study mood yet :)
Sms-ed Li Mei and said I want to meet up
Havent seen her for two years
since after Ns
wooots That was tooooooo loonnnggg
Sms-ed Xue Li too
Cause I knew We gonna have a lots of laughter with her presence XD
Too bad
I was sick yesterday
sore throat and flu made me felt so dizzy
Planned to cancel it but at last I din
Fetched XL and We just walking around while waiting for LM
LM came and we talked alot about the past
Went to Max Gourmet
Thought tak mau makan deee who knows mine cost more than them XD
Chit chatting around and went to Toy' R'Us
Fooling around there, and I just love this feelings
Thats all for the gathering
I just miss'em so muccchhhhhhhhh
Miss the time we bathed with "sarung"
Miss the time slept a single bed with LM
Miss the time all of us have "makan party" when the Malays did their prayers XD
Miss the time when we all gather together and do many activities
hahahaha NS really gave me lots of experiences ^^

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