Nice Day Without Booksss


As yesterday I have only one lecture..
I have changed it to Monday
thus I got one extra "hols" as others XD
Went shopping with mum
Bought one dress
Likeyy =)
Went in the morning and back at 3
then my cousin called
Said can accompany me for movie
Asked my bro to buy ticket for us
Avatar at 9.30pm
woots those people outside GSC really like watch movie for FREE
so many people queing although late in the night
Sat in the cinema for two hours n a half
zzzzz BUT I am not regretted watching this movie
NICE ~!!!
Really adore the writers' creativity and the director's skills of producing this movie
Awesome movie
better than 2012 muahahaha
Must watch indeed
The movie also convey a good message
We must try our utmost to protect our mather nature =)
Til then
I have forgotten I still got Finance test ans Law quiz zzzz

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