Holiday = Shopping Day


Today MQA people went our college
classes were all canceled
so I took this chance to shop with my dear couz XD
Went to Prangin as there were more choices
Went at 12 and I got a bad feeling
Clothes nowadays are getting more weird LOL!
and I thought I cant grab any home
Then started to spot a few..
After two hours my couz started to feel hungry
Went to 刷刷乐and had our second lunch as I have aten the first at home
Had tomyam noodles
woots so satisfied n full~!!
after that continue shopping...
went to one shoe shop
spotted one pair canvas shoes... Nice n cheap
Too bad dont have my size d =(
My couz grabbed that n we continue hanging around LOL
went into one shop n surprisingly I could grab 4 of them XD
not bad wut XD
Tiring + thirsty..We bought some drinks n our target were SHOES SHOP~!!
wulala do this must with thick face
go inside the shop try n try shoes without buying but took a chance to rest there XD
after home sweet home
A big satisfaction but buying clothes for CNY will never enough for me XD
I will continue the "journey" next few weeks i guess XD

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