Its the last day of 2009~!!


Well I am just blog for the sake of blogging
Dont quite like mh blog being abandoned for long XD
well dont quite like today as my regular visiting "friend" come and vist me today
made me rather tired
I did something which I never expected I myself will do that~!!
wakakaka *evil laugh*
Happy happy ;)
I will do it again ;) muahahaha
one small "accident"
when I am blogging
suddenly the celebrity fitness center calling me say I am invited to the gym as the guest
I am offered for 7 days free gym as my friend as sign up as a member
well I dont know who that friend is
But I guess I might go and have a look
as for tonight
well gather with my big bunch of families for Indian food and then coutdown at Paradise beach XD
Happy New Year everyone =D

p/s bad memories of 2009 will over... good memories of 2010 coming soon =) 
p/s/s thanks for made up my day C=

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