11 Months +◎音乐情人节与相片情人节(Music Day & Photo Day)


Today is the eleventh month since we first bond together

i kno it isnt a long period
but im glad
i stl hav him
beside me
although we r apart
but we r one
our hearts too
two hearts beating as one
i duno how long we can together
but i hope as long as we could
because i love him

◎音乐情人节与相片情人节(Music Day & Photo Day):9月14曰音乐情人节这一天是举办大型社交活动、轻歌漫舞的曰子,也是将你的心上人介绍给朋友、同事认识的好机会。而单身一族,更可以藉此机会看看活动现场有没有自己中意的对象。 


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