Stay Overnight


Yday i went ch's hse for bbq
ummx ate quite few but i m full XD
cz i m on diet recently wakakaxx
after sent her ahem bac
we took turns to bath
n then
hahahaha chit chatting non stop
quite enjoy nehx
the very first time
since duno after how many months we meet each other
talk to each other
reveal every single secret LOL
after tht we both fall asleep
after i woke
she stl sleeping
so tak mau kacau her lo
i msg with bie XD
i tak boleh tahan liao mau pi toilet
then after i woke she also woke jor XD
we went downstairs
i had roti canai for bfast
watched tv, money nt enuf 2 ( for the third times XD)
then bath lu
n then ate smtg 
we headed pi queensbay mall
walked n walked tried n tried
i bought one skirt
hehe white mia quite nice
after tht i m thirsty...
bought smth to drink
continue jalan jalan
then i mau balik liao
abit tired hehe
sorry ch
we took three pics oni
nxt meet we took more ya XD
the end

p/s :i like these three pics hehe
p/s2: yy, we left u XD

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