Pre-Exam Phobia


Tomorrow is the start of my final exam
This is not the first time taking exam in Tarc
I wonder why everytime before exam I sure stomache
Mayb this is call pre-exam phobia? ahahah 考试症候群
LOL well this time I am not well prepared
although this is the last exam before finishing my diploma
*ahem ahem* still dare to say
well of course I will try my best
and then
I will have one month sem break until after cny
syoknya XD
but before that
time to k-bookssss
hello my fellow books, here and I come
and hello sem break, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
*the blogger siao liao, ignore her =D*

p/s the girl inside the comic not meeeeee wheee XD

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4 Hearts

  1. How i wish i can be like that girl...

  2. thts something impossible k although she is left handed like me XD

  3. gahyao gayhao!!! i lend u oil~~!


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